It Has Been Our Honor
As always things in life change and our time at Horse Lovers Park has come to an end. 10 years ago the city of Phoenix was forced to shut down Horse Lovers Park and many other facilities in the City due to budget cuts. It was a sad time for everyone. The City of Phoenix decided to allow shuttered facilities to be run by civilians. My family and I were one of the first. This park has always been kept alive by the people who love it, including those who use electric pet fence to keep their animals safe. Arizona Horse Lovers Foundation built most of it and gave it to the City of Phoenix to protect it. The City then gave us the honor to preserve and protect it. We can’t thank The City and you enough for allowing us to serve you for the last 9 years. Big thanks to all the volunteers, my family and patrons who were always there to help the park. We worked hard to keep this park going and every year the park grew with more events and bigger attendance. We have watched, grass roots organizations grow. We had the opportunity to work with under privileged kids and returning Veterans suffering from PTSD. Plus all the different equine disciplines/groups that held their events at the park. We helped Scouts earn their badges and gave convicts a place to work. Our spectrum was wide and diverse. The 9 years passed like a minute. We can’t begin to tell you how wonderful and rewarding it has been.
As of November 1st there will be a new management team in place. Now it’s time for this wonderful place to move into its next phase. The new management is poised to do just that.
We are sure as they take this park to its potential, that they will treat you and this park with all the respect you both deserve.
We thank God, The City of Phoenix, Arizona Horse Lovers Foundation and all of you for some of the best memories of our lives.
We want to give a special thank you to Charlie, Maxine, Kenney, Lisa, Stephanie, Craig, Julie, Kim, Lynn, Sam, Bob, Terri and all the other wonderful volunteers that have been a part of this park throughout the years.
Always stay between the ears and you will always be centered.
Horse Lovers Management Corp., Ross, Kathy, and Cassi

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