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• AZ Horse Lovers Park membership required for anyone handling/riding a horse on park grounds.
• Hours of operation may vary – please check the calendar on our website for hours
• All arenas, round pens, wash racks and grounds are non-supervised “Use at your own risk”
• Equestrian activities are high-risk. Protective equipment should be used at all times. Use of this facility may expose the user to series injury including broken bones, paralysis or death.
• Know your ability and the ability of your horse.
• If you find damage in any part of the facility please report it to an HLP volunteer or HLP staff immediately or call 602.330.5553
• Horses must be under control and attended at all times with use of a halter/lead, lounge line or bridle etc.
• No loose horses in arenas
• Personal equipment (cones, poles, barrels, jumps, trash cans etc.) prohibited in arenas unless approved by HLP staff.
• Do not tie horses to fencing, arena rails, buildings, trees, bench/bleachers or troughs.
• No dogs in arenas. On grounds, dogs must be leashed and under control.
• No consumption of alcohol allowed on premise without city permit.
• Organized events require the prior approval of the HLP park coordinator.
• Open arena riding is prohibited during special events. Please use the community arena or round pens when all arenas are being used for events.
• All park users are responsible for their “Animal Waste” including fur/hair and any hair trimmings, manure, hay, and shavings prior to leaving facility. Please do not empty out your trailer into our garbage cans.
• Please respect “Arena Etiquette”. Failure to adhere to arena and ground rules can result in loss of facility privileges for the day or possibly up to but not limited to the year.
• Spectators should not waive arms, yell or throw objects at horses/ handlers and walk or sit on arena fencing/walls or rails.
• The park rules are for the safety of all; please cooperate with your fellow park users.

Arizona Horse Lovers Park Rules
Please Follow as Posted