Summer Buckle Series Photos

4D Barrel Winners:
1st-Belle Lockhart, 2nd-Allie Heady,
3rd-Taylor Johnso

3D Pole Winners: 
1st-Belle Lockhart, 2nd-Seandale Poe,
3rd-Kathy Libonati 

1D Barrel Winners:
1st-Rhonda Dimmick, 2nd-Chelsie Stodghill, 
3rd-Kaylee Billingsly

PeeWee Participants

2D Barrel Winners:
1st-Mandy Sommerville, 2nd-Cortney Morris,
3rd-Kaylee Billingsly

3D Barrel Winners:
1st-Seandale Poe, 2nd-Shelby Schupe,
3rd-Julia Starzinski

Target "Highest" point winner in barrels was Rhonda Dimmick 
but she gave the Farnam goodies to the 
2nd Place target winner which was Chelsie Stodghill

Awards presented by Ross Libonati.
1st place received a Silver Buckle, Reserve received the Antique Buckle & 3rd place received a leather headstall
THANK YOU to ALL our participants for a successful Buckle Series!!

We paid out $10,544 in prize money during this 7 week series.  
Please continue to check back here as the goal is to have another Buckle series in December or January.

5D Barrel Winners:
1st-Charity Martinez, 2nd-Sarah Link,
3rd-Mary Reid

2D  Pole Winners:
1st-Ross Libonati, 2nd-Julia Starzinski,
3rd Allie Heady

1D Pole Winners:
1st-Kaylee Billingsly, 2nd-Julia Starzinski,
3rd-Samantha Erdmann