Target "Highest" point winner in barrels was Rhonda Dimmick 
but she gave the Farnam goodies to the 
2nd Place target winner which was Chelsie Stodghill

2D  Pole Winners:
1st-Ross Libonati, 2nd-Julia Starzinski,
3rd Allie Heady

5D Barrel Winners:
1st-Charity Martinez, 2nd-Sarah Link,
3rd-Mary Reid

Summer Buckle Series Photos

1D Pole Winners:
1st-Kaylee Billingsly, 2nd-Julia Starzinski,
3rd-Samantha Erdmann

PeeWee Participants

3D Barrel Winners:
1st-Seandale Poe, 2nd-Shelby Schupe,
3rd-Julia Starzinski

2D Barrel Winners:
1st-Mandy Sommerville, 2nd-Cortney Morris,
3rd-Kaylee Billingsly

1D Barrel Winners:
1st-Rhonda Dimmick, 2nd-Chelsie Stodghill, 
3rd-Kaylee Billingsly

3D Pole Winners: 
1st-Belle Lockhart, 2nd-Seandale Poe,
3rd-Kathy Libonati 

4D Barrel Winners:
1st-Belle Lockhart, 2nd-Allie Heady,
3rd-Taylor Johnso

Awards presented by Ross Libonati.
1st place received a Silver Buckle, Reserve received the Antique Buckle & 3rd place received a leather headstall
THANK YOU to ALL our participants for a successful Buckle Series!!

We paid out $10,544 in prize money during this 7 week series.  
Please continue to check back here as the goal is to have another Buckle series in December or January.